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Maintaining a Positive Body Image After Surgery

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Prosthetics… There I said it—now it’s out. Possibly you know someone with some type of prosthetic which they have found necessary after a procedure related to cancer. Possibly, you are checking into the option of some kind of prosthetic after cancer surgery. If you’d like to speak with someone that has been there, open up your laptop and enter into your favorite search engine.

To Replace Or Not To Replace

After breast cancer, women that have gone through a double mastectomy may have a choice. The choices are usually: live with your body the way it is; the possibility of implants; or wearing special undergarments which serve as a type of prosthetic for cosmetic purposes. This decision, as with many others when it comes to cancer, can be a matter of a positive or negative body image. Some women are secure enough in their body image and sexuality and that they don’t feel the need to replace the removed breast tissue in any way. Women are in fact becoming more and more likely to go without what used to be considered the obligatory wig as they undergo chemotherapy and lose their hair. There is a type of empowerment in this seemingly rebellious act.  There are also women who do not lose their hair and need a "pick me up" after surgery.  Salon Atlanta  can help you feel good about yourself again and look fantastic too!

Make The Decision For You, And No One Else

My mother went through a double mastectomy. I’ll never forget her concern for what my father would think. Thing was, my father loved my mother without fail. But the fact that he was “OK” with the result of that surgery made her OK with it as well. Ultimately, it is your choice whether or not to replace something that has been removed due to cancer. It’s your body; no one else’s. If you cannot look in the mirror without feeling bad about yourself you have a couple of choices. Do whatever you have to do with your body in order to make it more pleasing to you (and possibly to your significant other); or… Deal with it.

Talking about it can help. Especially if you’re talking to someone that’s been through it themselves. Professional therapists and counselors are fine; but let’s face it people, unless you’ve been through it do you really know what it’s all about deep down inside?

Sensual and Evocative Celebrity Fashion

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If you are on the hunt for sensual and evocative celebrity fashion wear, you only have but to open up that laptop and click on

How To Pay For Celebrity Fashion

After perusing the plethora of options available for your inspection on the above mentioned website and making that all important decision, the question arises; how on earth am I going to pay for this? Fear not—the website accepts (as long as you have a billing address in the United States) Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. God love our plastic! Where would we be without it? (Personally, I’m thinking anywhere but in debt.)

What Is ‘Youceleb’ All About?

In a word: celebrity fashions… Okay that’s two words. More than that it is all about celebrity fashion at a fraction of the price, that the celebrities paid. Let’s face it, we can’t all have the same disposable income as most of today’s stars and starlets. That doesn’t mean, that we can’t look like them; at least in what we wear. Twitter and Face Book both subscribe to this website and encourage the referral of friends in order for you to receive a bonus subsequent to that referral.

SEE MORE: Quinceanera

Does this website simply encourage people with very little money to do everything they can just to appear to be in the same crowd as the rich and famous? Or is it simply a way for fashion conscious individuals to enjoy a little bit of the good life? It can’t be all bad; they offer a portion of all their proceeds to charities chosen by the celebs.

Simple Tips for a Growing Photography Studio

Posted on 15th June 2014 by MReed in Black & White Photography

The good news is your business is growing, so that means you are doing things right. However, you need to be sure you can handle all of the new additional clients and customers. Handling their needs is going to be a very important task.

Getting all of your accounts set up

Your merchant express account is going to be one of the most important things you do. Being able to accept payment over the phone, online, or even with your cell phone app is going to be great because you will be able to perceive your payment immediately, and then schedule an appointment with your new client.


Proper management

If you cannot handle all of the daily duties by yourself, it is a good idea to hire someone to manage all of them. By hiring a manager or even assistant you can designate all of the simple duties that would take time out of your schedule to your new hire. Getting all of the glitches out of your system is going to be one of the best things you can do for your business. Simple tips can make your business become a profitable moneymaking machine.

Social Media Will Help Your Art Gain Exposure

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Every artist is looking for a way to put their work in front of as many eyes as possible.  After all, while it may be all about the creative process, even the purist of artists want others to react to their work.  In today’s market, successful artists are discovered everyday and while none of them may be Picasso, many of these artists are able to make a comfortable living doing what they love.  Someone once said that if you are doing what you love, you never work a day in your life.  If you are looking at turning your love of art and creating art into a career, social media can help.


An Audience Of Millions


It seems that pretty much everyone is connected by social media these days.  Even the Pope has social media accounts that he uses to keep in touch with his loyal followers.  Since there are so many people connected through these sites, it makes sense to do what you can to advertise to this audience.  You don’t need to know the history of social media to use it to your advantage.  Really, it takes very little to put your work in front of one of the biggest audiences in history.


Advertising In The Digital Age


In today’s market, people tend to turn to the internet for the majority of their shopping needs, and that includes their choices in art.  In order to advertise to this new market, you need to jump in with both feet and concentrate on advertising to that market.  The easiest and least expensive way to do this is simply by setting up a social media page dedicated to your artwork.  By doing this and sharing that page with friends, you are putting your artwork out for the world to see.  Your social media page becomes not only the cornerstone of your advertising campaign but your own personal gallery where only your works are displayed.


Social media is a tool that savvy business people use on a daily basis to get their message to the masses.  If you are looking for a great way to jumpstart your career in art, social media could be the key that opens that door.  Artists are a special breed and a new breed of advertising must be born to get these new artists to the road to the success.  Social media can pave that road.

Maintain A Dust Free Office Area

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Whether or not you have a janitorial service that comes in to do the cleaning after everyone leaves for the day or if you utilize your own janitorial supplies to save a little money on that cleaning service by doing it yourself, both are deductible on your business taxes – so don’t skimp.  Using strong but safe cleaning products with disinfecting qualities is, by far, one of the smartest moves a business owner can make these days, when it comes to what he cleans his place of business with.  This could be as small a space as your home study or office – or as large of a space as your multi-floored office building.


Should you be able to afford a janitorial service you want to make sure that they’re using the same type of cleaning products just mentioned.  Today’s cleaning products should be green, or eco-friendly, as well as being safe for the people who use them, pets, and children.  Everybody’s going green these days and the cleaning supply manufacturers are no different.


Don’t Be Fooled By The Word ‘Green’


Being eco-friendly, or green, does not automatically mean that a cleaning chemical is weak and ineffective.  Much to the contrary, many green cleaning supplies manufactured in this day and age have disinfectant qualities and are strong enough to tackle some of the biggest messes known to mankind. But in addition to what’s on the surfaces of your furniture and your flooring – what’s in the air that you, your employees and your clientele are breathing?


What’s Floating Around In Your Air?


Here’s a little project for you – open up your laptop, pull up your favorite search engine whether it’s Google, Safari, Yahoo or something else and type in the following: ‘organic air filters’.  Before you, you will see an entire selection of what can now be safely used to keep the air in your office, home, workshop, break room etc. clean and far healthier than ever before.  You may even see filters that are classified as organic HEPA air filters... these are frequently used in places where an abundance of plant life exists indoors.


There are also air purifiers, humidifiers, filters that can be inserted into the fans, furnaces, air purifiers etc.

The Best Ways to Keep Family Photos Safe and Organized

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Old family photos have an intrinsic value that can’t be measured.  They are our glimpse into the history of our families.  If you have been entrusted with housing a collection of your family’s photos, you are probably looking for a good way to store them safely.  Photos are meant to be handed down from generation to generation. You probably have seen a few photos that have not been well preserved, and wished someone had done a better job taking care of them.  This is why photo restoration is such a popular business.  But, if you take care of your precious photos, future generations won’t need to go through the process of restoring them.


How to Protect Your Photos


Unfortunately, those sticky photo albums many of us have for photo storage are one of the poorest options, for keeping photos intact.  Over the years the photos adhere to the pages of the book and can’t be removed.  Also, the glue will damage the photographs over time.  A better solution is to store your photographs in acid-free storage boxes or acid-free photo books.  You can usually purchase plastic sleeves, from any photography store to keep individual photos safe or if that is too costly, plastic sandwich bags are also a good choice.  You can also store oversized photos in an acid-free box.  Art supply stores usually have acid-free archival storage boxes for sale.  Be sure to use acid-free paper in between each photo.


Where to Keep Large Photo Collections


If you can’t find a storage solution specifically designed for storing large photo collections, then the key is to find a multi-purpose storage device to house your collection.  One such device is the Scrapbox Workbox; this cabinet is designed for scrap bookers to help them organize scrapbook supplies, but the ScrapBox cabinet can be modified, to suit others applications.  Another storage idea for photographs is a stackable acid-free storage organizer.  Plastic is a good material for storing things in an acid-free environment, just be sure you do not use PVC plastic.


With a little preparation it isn’t hard to protect your photos, from damage due to dust, light or acid.  Future generations will appreciate your efforts, to preserve your family’s history in photographs.

How Much to Spend on a Unique Photography Show?

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This could be the show, that puts you over the top.  This could get you noticed, by all the big names in art and photography.  There’s only one problem.  You don’t have the cash you need to pound out the works to display, in this, one of the most unique photography shows, of all time.  If only you could come up with a way to get the money you need and get your works entered, you’re sure that this would be your ticket to the big time.  What do you do?


Don’t Put Your Photography Equipment in Hock


Putting all your really good equipment in hock is not going to help you take the pictures, that you need to take, in order to make a substantial submission, to this next photography show.  You’re going to need that equipment, to do the best job you possibly can, in order to show everyone just exactly what it is you have to offer.   For struggling artists, such as yourself, signature loans can be the answer to your prayers.  Keep in mind of course, that you have to pay the money back as stated, in the loan contract.  But, you won’t have to put your equipment up as collateral, you won’t have to worry about losing your car, because you used that for collateral, and if you actually own a home, you won’t have to put that up for collateral either.  You’re making a promise and signing a piece of paper… That’s it.


Be Prepared For the Interest Rates


It’s true that the interest rates, on these loans, are pricey.  But, if it comes down to having a shot at getting noticed by the right people, so that you can do what it is you love for a living, possibly for the rest of your life, it’s a small price to pay.  After checking out a few sources, you may be able to find a signature loan, that has an interest rate, that is better than those offered by cash advances on credit cards.  It just takes a little doing.  But, you can persevere.  You know how to hang in there and get the job done.  You’ve been doing it for years.  It’s one of the things that makes you the outstanding artiste, that you are.  You don’t give up.


So, make sure that you can pay that money back and then go ahead.  Give ‘em hell.  Show everybody what you’ve got.

Need a Reason to Take HGH Supplements?

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How about 10 reasons to do so? Hormones are a huge part of our lives. They run rampant in teenagers and pregnant women. They deplete as we age causing all sorts of imbalances and issues. Is there a way to regulate those hormones that used to drive us nuts but now we seemingly miss like crazy?

The Top 5 Reasons

No one is going to talk you into something you don’t want to do but consider this when thinking about starting HGH Supplements:

  • Versions of these supplements are now on the market that are more affordable than ever before
  • Your liver, your heart and other organs will function much better on these supplements
  • Productivity (while at your job for example) will improve due to your feeling more alert
  • Do you work out? Well you should! And with HGH supplements your body can bounce back quicker and recover faster after those workouts. Even muscle pain will be reduced.
  • While on the topic of workouts, slow metabolism can make you crazy. Trying to burn fat isn’t easy as you get older. Good news. HGH helps to not only burn fat but encourages the development of lean muscle mass.

And That’s NOT All, Folks

  • As we age, many of us have trouble sleeping. These supplements promote a good night’s sleep again.
  • Wrinkles and creases in your skin will diminish due to the rejuvenation of your skin’s re-tightening ability. Who over 40 doesn’t want to look younger?
  • Supplements also stimulate your body to produce its own HGH
  • How’s your libido? What’d I say? Nothing personal but with increased age frequently comes decreased libido. HGH can help there, too.
  • Along with some lifestyle, diet and exercise adjustments HGH can make you look and feel years younger and better about yourself.

The loss of hormones makes us feel our age in no uncertain or merciful terms. Just like an antique machine laden with patina needs plenty of lubrication; our aging bodies need those essential hormones re-balanced from 40 years of age on. Hey, if you don’t approve of the positive changes you can always go back to being 50 and feeling 70.

Photographic Art Can Be a Great Gift

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Are you good with a camera? Not that you need a camera to take pictures these days. Cell phones are everywhere and most of them have picture taking capabilities. Some do in fact take some pretty amazing pictures.


It’s That Time of Year Again


If you are one of those people that just love to plan ahead you’re probably also one of those people that does all their Christmas shopping early. If you have a bit of talent you may even have great homemade Christmas gift ideas that you work on all year long. If photography is your passion you can put it to good use when it comes to gifts. Everybody likes pictures: pictures of themselves, their kids, their pet, or possibly a particularly stunning view. I myself am partial to tropical beach scenes. I stare into them and imagine myself there instead of stuck in the Midwest. Some folks like lots of color while others prefer the good old black and white look to their photos—especially when the photo is considered ‘art’. You know the type…a pair of beat up old biker boots in a corner of a stark, bare room; one standing, one on its side…art.


To Frame Or Not To Frame


The desired effect of a black and white photo is usually achieved with minimal framing or by having the picture mounted on a canvas or box and folding the edges around the top, bottom and sides. Choosing the right frame for a picture in general is practically an art in itself. You want it to compliment the picture, not detract from it. Where the picture may be displayed can also play a part in your choice of frame. Colors, material and décor can all come into play.


Let the artiste’ in you shine through your photos. With some thought and planning you can give just the right gift to the people who mean the most to you. You know what they say about homemade gifts meaning more than store bought. You’ll undoubtedly need some of your supplies from a store or two but the project itself will be of your own making as well as the picture that you took.

Art Inspirations for Your Halloween Costume

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Halloween that scary night in late October when monsters, witches and goblins and other creatures from the crypt roam the neighborhoods seeking candy treats and other goodies from house to house.  Screeching and screaming penetrate the night and prizes or special treats are given for the most creepy, spooky costume.  For many years the theme of Halloween costumes was dark and nightmarish, but things have changed, and more often Halloween revelers are choosing costumes from many different genres.

Inspiring Themes

 The choice you make for a Halloween costume can reflect your current interest, your favorite cartoon, the action hero of the time or many other choices.  For younger children many parents favor costumes that reflect the child’s talents or aspirations.  Ballet dancers, fireman, policeman, angels and nurses are just a few of the possible costumes.  Movies also inspire a wide array of possibilities for Halloween costumes, Tweety Bird, Mickey or Minnie Mouse and many other familiar cartoon characters are very popular among the younger group, toddlers and pre-schoolers.  Dressing up as an action hero in a Batman costume or Catwoman Costume would be fun for a tween or teen and maybe even an adult.  Venturing out and being even more creative in designing or choosing your Halloween costume might lead you to a more art inspired theme.

Other Costume Inspirations

Both children and adult trick-or-treaters might want to dress in a costume that reflects their talent or interest.  Your budding young artist might enjoy a costume designed around a box of crayons, where two pieces of cardboard can be used to create the design of a well-known brand of crayons or maybe they could be wrapped in colored cardboard and wear a pointed hat to resemble an actual crayon.  Older revelers might want to dress like an artist wearing a beret and smock and perhaps carrying a paint palette or oversized paint brush.  Children and adults alike might want to use some of the many products available for face and body painting and show off their talent for drawing or designing by decorating directly on their body.  Modern art is not forgotten in the creative development of Halloween costumes by spattering or dropping paint on clothing for an abstract art effect.  Whatever you choose, have fun designing your Halloween costume.